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Delt-licious Workout

Delt-licious from kymberly Perfetto on Vimeo.

I’m in the hamptons!  Chillin’.  Well, sort of.  Taught two Soul Cycle classes today and began shooting this week of HOME WORK-OUT VIDEOS!!!    Try them try them!  You will feel your body get fitter and fitter until you turn to steel.  Seriously. no. more. jiggle.
Do the work-out.  Post your time in the comments.  And your reaction. GO!

I call this work-out Delt-licious because once you are done with the challenge, you will feel your shoulders!!

2 min warm-up  Jumping Jacks

10 Walking push-ups with knee-lift *
1 min Jumping Jacks
20 Starfish Burpees
1 min Jumping Jacks

finish with…
50  3-Way Sit ups  (may be broken up into 2 sets of 25)

* ONE REP consists of 3 side steps while holding plank, 1 push-up then bring one knee to shoulder, 1 push-up then bring other knee to shoulder. So each rep contains TWO pushups

'I want to look like the models in the magazines!'

'So do the models.'


Playlists from today!!

Special shout outs to Ryan Buntain for riding the instructor bike during the over-booked bands class this morning! It’s his second time this week!

Shout out to Marika for finishing her first DOUBLE and for requesting this awesome N.E.R.D. song, She Wants to Move

Enjoy those Margaritas!

 Last shout out goes to Laurie Cohen for getting her cast&brace off after a serious break! Cheers girl!  Keep Riding!

SAT 9:30AM

10:45am BANDS



Daft Punk - Face to Face
49 plays

NYC I’m back!   
thanks to the Barn and Hamptons for  your soul ;-) I enjoyed the visit. 

Here’s my playlist from Saturday:

1. Lately - The Helio Sequence
2. New Morning-  Alpha Rev 
3. Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Rmx) -Gyptian
4. Around the World- No Way Josie

Around the World (TEASER!) by FAKE MONEY

5. Head on a Pike-  Black Taxi

6. Aint No Rest for the Wicked- Cage the Elephant
7. Sweat- Snoop Dogg
8. In the Dark- Cataracs feat Dev
9. Face to Face- Daft Punk (attached here)
10. Beautiful People- Chris Brown
11. Husks and Shells- Volcano Choir


Chiddy Bang - Too Much Soul
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Look out!  Some of us got too much SOUL for the world!!  alright alright I haven’t given you guys a playlist in over a week- but here- I’m making up for it with a SUPER JAM. Lurve you. Be back soon!

Chiddy Bang:   Too Much SOUL 

The Story Of Ben

You guys have seen him ride my instructor bike at Soul Cycle when I’m on my 3rd class and too pooped to do it. You’ve seen him kill it in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd row on any other given day- pushing seriously hard on the sprints and hills, inspiring all those around him to do the same.
This is Ben Turshen. He started as a student in my class and now he’s graduated to the instructor apprentice program at Soul Cycle. Now that he’s into outdoor riding, he’s been nudging me out of retirement to race again. We did this past weekend- an alleycat in Brooklyn. Ben and I came in 1st and 2nd respectively!
While I was applying for BIGGEST LOSER, Ben wrote this awesome testimonial for me. And while BL’s newest trainer Anna Kournikova may not inspire many —— Ben’s story sure will:

A year ago, I walked into Soul Cycle with my sister to take my first spin class with Kym. Entering the studio, among other things, I thought to myself this chick [Kym] is hard core—a tattooed rock star with abs that would make even Calvin Klein drool. This was different from any other spin class I had ever heard of—“Soul Bands”, created and designed by Kym herself, featured resistance bands hanging from the ceiling that riders use to do abdominal and upper body exercises, all while continue to pedal against resistance on a spin bike.

After three years of law school and over a year working as a junior associate at a big law firm, I had let myself go. My weight fluctuated between 205 and 210 lbs. My problem wasn’t that I

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Five Fat-fighting foods

I tend to focus more on my work-outs rather than my diet- but as summer is fast approaching, a little extra attention for BOTH is necessary when hitting the beach.  So I’m cutting out the bread, the milk/sugar in my coffee and diving into 5 little meals/day.  Time to share with you 5 foods that are great for getting lean!

1. Yogurt: A great choice for breakfast or a post-workout snack. It’s protein content will help you feel satisfied longer as well as help repair muscle after working out.

2. Quinoa: with 8g of protein and 5g of fiber per cup, quinoa is a great dish for eating well and staying lean. Toss in some veggies, tofu or chicken to make a tasty meal.

3. Green Tea: Take tea time! Green tea has been studied for it’s effect on the metabolism. It’s considered to help burn abdominal fat. Plus slowly sipping a hot beverage helps reduce appetite.

4. Cinnamon: Studies suggest cinnamon is helpful in stabalizing blood-sugar levels. Plus adding a little to your coffee or yogurt gives your tastebuds flavor and sweetness without any calories.

5. Grapefruit: My dad always ate half a grapfruit at breakfast- and guess what?he was always lean! Turns out he was onto something: it’s packed with soluble fiber which takes much longer to digest- thus leaving your belly feeling full longer!

TOP 5 Ways to Manage Stress Eating.

Stop working for one minute and read:  Stress eating is a big issue. Intense workloads, family obligations and uncontrollable factors such as emotional/environmental stressors are ever-present and well, so is food.  I admit it, I stress eat. So do my friends, my mom and lots of my clients.   After teaching my double at Soul Cycle last Thursday (playlist here),  Active-wear designer and friend Nona Varnado joked how much she needed the workout because she’s been stress eating all week!  This got me thinking of all the different ways people deal with stress and diet and then I created a HELP! list.

check it out:

  • 1.  ”Stay away from the kitchen!”  While cramming for school finals, I would take my work to the coffee shop and bring only $2.  Enough for one coffee. No snacking, and fewer distractions helped me get through the work without stuffing my face.  AVOID eating meals at your desk! If you “have no choice”, then break up your meal into 3 smaller parts- that way you have to eat slower and get up every time you want more. 
  • 2. Reward yourself without food.  Of course a salty/sweet snacking can be a short-term reward for working hard, but it might become a long-term setback for your fitness goals. Try getting away from your desk to take a walk, purchase a new song on iTunes, or get a massage!
  • 3. Keep veggies handy  Weight Watchers says it.  Blueprint cleanse allows it. Nearly any diet will tell you: Unlimited Veggies!!  Keep celery sticks, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini or carrots around and plentiful. (see last week’s veggie recipes)  Chomping on them will be just as satisfying if stress is your motivation.  The crunch of celery will keep your mouth occupied while you multi-task. (thanks for this one, Nona!)
  • 4. Schedule to Sweat.  No matter how busy- get that workout in. Even if it’s only 10min! You will be glad you did.  It will blow off steam, help you sleep better, release endorphins (happy feelings) and keep you looking and feeling good.  
  • 5. Call up a friend.  When under great stress, fight or flight is the more common human response. But there is an alternative behavior: tend and befriend . Most often exhibited in women, this response refers to the fact that one may manage stress by caring for someone/something and by seeking out social support.  Examples of this are gardening, cleaning, spending quality time with your children or just calling up a good friend to talk! (thanks for this one, Jennifer!)

Good luck!! I’m off to do a 15min jog now cuz all this typing has gotten my shoulders tense!!   [breathe]


was AWESOME!  Here’s the playlist for my Saturday morning “last-Soul-Cycle-class-of your-life”    …Ending with Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy was epic.   I’m officially changing the artist to Prince and the Revelation.

You all had great energy and wouldn’t you know? the day ended up being gorgeous… Life is good. 


Though I’m Down for the Count Don’t Count Me Out - Black Taxi 

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant